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Services Overview

Remember the first time you visited a public aquarium? The emotions you felt may have been excited, in awe, at peace, mesmerized, content, or maybe speechless. We know these emotions are the reason individuals begin their aquatic journey,  but sometimes it ends in frustration and anger. 

Aquatic Resource Center was born because we don't want hobbyists to feel contempt or frustration. We want our clients to go back to their childhood. Back to a time when you were able to enjoy the fish dance around you in a symphony of colors. Back when the aquarium was a thrill, not a chore. 

Aquatic Resource Center is pleased to offer our services to you. Whether you don't have the knowledge, or maybe the time; We're here to help.

We service a wide area including, but not limited to: Owensboro, Evansville, Henderson, Madisonville, Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, and Louisville


Aquarium Design & Instillation

Have you hit a brick wall while designing your new aquarium? Let us help! We'll come to your location and design an aquarium which fits the functionality of your space while being the most efficient system to maintain. 

Aquarium Maintenance 

Spending too much time working on your aquarium, and not enough enjoying it?  Let us help!



Pond Design & Construction

Are you at a loss for words when trying to design the perfect pond?  Let us help! We'll come to your home and lay out the perfect pond for your backyard. The pond will be custom built for your home, fitting your lifestyle while also maintaining an easy-to-use filtration system for efficient operation. 

Pond Maintenance

Spending too much time taking care of your pond, and not enough listening to the waterfall?  Give us a call!