Kentucky Koi BioTube

Kentucky Koi BioTube

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Biotube packs 20% more surface area than the leading competitor. Our revolutionary design allows 304.8 square feet per cubic foot, as compared to the competitors 243.8 square feet per cubic foot, allowing more surface area for beneficial bacteria to thrive. 

The Tube is designed to provide a large protected surface area for the biofilm and optimal conditions for the bacteria culture when the media are suspended in water. A durable, rugged and highly efficient media for moving bed biological reactors.

Its innovative design creates a high percentage of protected surface area for microorganisms to adhere. In turn, this increases the overall biomass concentration and can reduce the tank volume required. Large openings allow for the water to freely pass through the media which helps maintain a healthy and thin biofilm.

This product is made from virgin Polypropylene and is white.

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