Our Projects

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6,000 sq ft Aquaponic greenhouse in Owensboro, Kentucky. 

Details in a snap:

Three 3,600 gallon fish systems, five 500 gallon floating bed systems, and five 500 gallon bell-siphon bed systems.

Extensive Details:

Fish: Each system is comprised of three 1,200 gallon poly tanks. They're connected via a 3" bottom drain to an energy efficient Sequence 8,200GPH external pump. The water is filtered by an Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II 6,000 filter and an AU 160 watt ultraviolet light. Dissolved oxygen is increased by a Medo LA-80 air pump. Well water is constantly pumped in at a rate of 50 gallons an hour to each system. The overflow water is carried via gravity to a sump chamber for the plant system to use. In addition to each carefully selected component, fail safes are of utmost importance too. The water pump and air pump are ran off two separate electrical breakers. This ensures that if one line trips, there is at least one component which remains running. We also installed flow switches and water quality meters all accessible 24/7 to the client via an online portal anywhere in the world. 

Plant: Each plant system(2) is comprised of five 500 gallon poly tanks. Water from the fish systems enter the sump chamber at a rate of 50 gallons an hour. This water is pumped via an energy efficient Sequence 4,200GPH external pump to a water distribution manifold. The water enters each tank at a rate of approx. 400 gallons an hour.  One plant system is a bell-siphon system, while the other is a floating raft system. This allows us to grow a larger variety of plants. 

Extra water not absorbed by the plants overflows to a retaining pond. 

Koi pond filtration upgrade in Louisville, Kentucky.

Details in a snap:

The client had a pond installed by a landscaper several years ago. The original installed filtration equipment consisted of a submersible pump located in a skimmer which pumped water up to a waterfall filter full of string PVC. In addition the the pour filtration, the pond was FULL of rocks. The new filtration system is composed of a 3" retro fit bottom drain, two external Sequence water pumps, two Medo LA-45 air pumps, two Ultima II filters, and a 40 watt UV light.

Extensive Details:

The client emailed us several months before we were pulled on for the project.  After discussing with us, the client removed all the rocks in the pond, but still wasn't satisfied with their filtration, so they brought us in. Because of time, budget, and reality constraints, a gravity fed system with a settlement chamber wasn't an option. We installed a 3" Rhino retro fit bottom drain plumbed directly into an energy efficient Sequence 6,600GPH external pump. This pump feeds an Ultima II 6,000 filter which is directly plumbed to a retro fitted moving bed waterfall filter. The submersible skimmer pump was removed and replaced by an energy efficient Sequence 4,200GPH external pump. This pump feeds an Ultima II 2,000 filter which flows through an AU 40 watt ultraviolet light to a secondary waterfall. This line also has the option of flowing through a 6Kw inline titanium heater for keeping the water warm during the fridgid winter months.