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About Us


Eric Thomas

While Aquatic Resource Center wasn't born until December of 2016, owner Eric Thomas had dreamt of the business for years. While in his senior year at Western Kentucky University, Eric was enrolled in a course which challenged him to create a 'mock' business, draft a 40 page business plan, find financing, and compete against other students at the end of the semester. It was because of this course that Aquatic Resource Center is what it is today. Being in the aquatic hobby for nearly two decades, and the koi hobby for over a decade, he knew a fish business was a must, hence Aquatic Resource Center was born! 


Most days Eric can be found pacing around the warehouse on the phone with customers or on the job-site returning emails. Eric is dedicated to customer satisfaction, which is why he answers each email and phone-call personally. If you have any issues, he's always happy to help you with a smile on his face! 

Alyssa Thomas

"Beside every great man stands a great woman"

Truer words cannot describe Mrs. Alyssa Thomas. She chose the 'fish life' when she said "yes" to Eric in November of 2016, and has happily supported him in his quest to build the best aquatic business in the Midwest! Time and time again, she has given her own time to be at shows and expositions for Eric without complaining....too much. She's the true support of Aquatic Resource Center, making sure Eric is always organized and shows up where he needs to be and on time! 

If you need papers, information, or pretty much anything to do with organization, Alyssa's your woman!